Stripper Etiquette – For Stag party apes and not only

Stag parties IrelandStrippers, Stag Parties …what not to do!

Stag Parties love the Irish Summer. Rain, sun, beer, more rain, more beer, strippers. If you are anywhere between 25 and 45 you must have already filled your reminders for the upcoming stags. The average Irish Male will experience at least 4-5 stag parties within the summer. And if you are the youngest of 10 siblings …well yey! The good thing about Irish Stags is that they like to be tribal. Thus, beer and boobs are the norm.

You will need, like it or not, to experience a stripogram. As a rule of thumb you will get a stripper for the stag and maybe one more for the whole crew. While Strip Clubs have their rules of engagement everywhere, in the case of our female strippers Ireland  needs to hear about their reasonable demands.

Strippers Need Attention…just like your future wife

Probably you have a bad day and your girlfriend is getting on your nerves because of too many stag parties. Maybe the stag is very lame and tame. But you need to appreciate a good performance. So if the performance is up to scratch give a round applause. Stop texting people you forgot to contact for the last year. Enjoy the show. Or pretend that you are doing so. And smile. It makes your life better.

Touch when asked …and you will be asked

Stag party Strippers are not shy. It is a lap dance because it involves you lap. Naturally an exotic dancer will have plenty of body contact with the stag. But beware…ask first. So if you feel like touching anything that belongs to the stripper ask first. And tip. If you tip an extra something you might get a bit of extra fun. A tender slap on the butt could be welcome. But stag parties are not an opportunity for you to go back to the creche. Obviously, no pinching, pulling, holding onto the stripper like she is saving you from drowning. Other than that expect baby oil traces after your stripograms.

Stag Parties at home…. be presentable FFS

If you are inviting our strippers at the convenience of your accommodation the hoover is a great home appliance you should know how to use. Especially the stag as he is to be married soon. So make your home presentable. Make sure that the mountain of cans you have as a monument in the middle of the living room is cleared. Provide a strong armchair for the lapdance. Stag Parties have a tendency to turn living quarters into pigsties. But the professional stripper will bring a sound system and the srtip club mood. So make sure you can match it.

Fetishes ….. let us know about and we might do it

So you know that your stag like to smell armpits or sniff shoes. After a good few bevies the inhibitions fall apart. That doesn’t mean that you can do a Gollum act with the strippers’ shoes. If you have any particular desires let us know in advance and we will pass it on to the dancer.

Shy Guys need Shy girls

Striptease is meant to excite and not insult. Therefore if you think that your stag is a shy guy, don’t take any risks. It’s not a good idea to order a leather clad Dominatrix. A French Maid that will do a burlesque act would suit the sweet stags. The bitter groomsmen can always get a fully nude show.

Tipping is good but don’t act the maggot

Well if you think that the performance has lifted up your mood, then in the stripping industry there is one definite way to go about it. Green is their favourite colour. Or red ….the ten euro red. Which should be the minimum really. Throwing coins, beer soaked crumbled fivers and bhat left over from your last visit in Thailand will earn you the Dickus Maximus award. Be respectful, simply because their driver will nicely pack up the show and leave you with the aforementioned award and nothing else.

stag partiesSocialising after the show – Stag Parties love Strippers

You can always ask the performer to stay for a drink. Don’t get upset if she declines though. And don’t behave like a puppy that just found it’s favourite ball. If you are going to ask a dancer to join you, treat her like any other member of your party. Ask her normal questions, and don’t keep on staring at her boobs. Even more so when you have already seen them bouncing in action a few minutes ago.

No Photos, No recording – unless OKed in advance

Stripping is not always the norm type of jobs. The dancers are proud to be dancers but her granny doesn’t need to know. So put your mobiles away. If you want a selfie with a stripper you ask. And remember it goes both ways. How would you feel if your wife to be finds a photo of you with a pair of knickers as a crown

No sleazy or weird sh*t

No D***k pics. Honestly, we appreciate the fact that you shaved this morning but why do you think it’s so important for the strippers to see your new lawn. And no pics of your kids, dogs, cats, furniture. As a matter of fact just put your phone away and don’t annoy the ladies. If you think that Stag parties are not your kinda thing… Stay home.


Most importantly

be on time

So we are aware that a stag party has no swiss watches as compass. But don’t stand up the stripper. Really, If you are too wasted to attend then tell us well in advance. We have other stag parties to bring joy too. Oh and if you show up unable to walk stand talk and breathe we will call the A&E

Enjoy your stag !

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