Strippers in Carlingford: Ten ways to make your Stag Unique

Where to bring your Strippers in Carlingford

Let’s suppose that you are having  a Stag Party. And you don’t want to take your buddies to the Atlantic Coast or stay in Dublin. Carlingford is perfect in that case. Since it is only 2 hours drive from Dublin, and also close to Belfast, it is ideal for a quick escape. Just in case things go really pear shaped. Our strippers in Carlingford can tell you a few stories of stags gone mad in the Lough. Compared to the Carlingford Stag shenaningans, Hangover the movie is a family film.strippers in carlingford

Once in Carlingford, you need to plan only your return to the hotel. As the town is a 15 min tour affair, you will not get lost. But you might get lost indoors. The amount of venues is a not endless, but the lack of variety makes the people go mad earlier. You will arrive at the Taffe’s Castle at 11 pm and you will think it’s 1 am in Agia Napa. There is an Adventure Centre where you can do kayaking and zip-lining, but that will kill only a couple of hours. The rest of the recreational activities are split between hiking and drinking. If you are on a budget stag you can visit the off licence and combine them. The Carlingford Lough offers some amazing sights, but based on experience, most stags are looking for sights that wear high heels and go fully nude at the end.

Strippers in Carlingford: Stag friendly venues

Most of the venues in Carlingford make their bread and butter from the Stag and Hen industry. The party heads come in big crowds, and they bring with them money, credit cards and loads of perfume. That’s why the streets of Carlingford smell like a Phuket ladyboy every weekend. With that in mind, the stags will not find many venues that will not be able to accomodate a space for a top notch stripogram.

You can call the ladies directly. The Elite Strippers in Carlingford will arrive in style, take them off, do a good aul’ surfboard maneuver on the lucky fella, and then depart. So where to have fun with Strippers in Carlingford.

Ma Baker’s for Party Shakers

This wonderful bar offers oysters to both Stags and Hens. You see not far from the shores of the Lough, they held the Teltown Fair. The Teltown marriages were extended one night stands. Pretty much like today’s carry on during Stags. The couple was married for a year and one day. So the year after they could seal the deal or decide to part ways. The Celts were way ahead of their time in such matters. You can party with Strippers in Carlingford for the night, or chase tail.

One thing is for sure, stripograms are the ultimate eyecandy. Sometimes looking at a Ferrari is just enough. Alcohol is much more reliable than women. It will have a clear effect on your life and there are no grey areas. You get drunk, you have fun, you wake up with a hangover. It does what it says on the box. On the other hand late night adventures during stags can have some unsavory results.  In any case Ma Bakers will accomodate your every whim.

Taffe’s Castle: A Medieval Night Club

This amazing space is full of ancient spirits and young humans that like clubbing. Taffe’s gets cramped with bodies that like to swing left and then right and put their hands in the air. And surely after 5+ drinks they really don’t care. If you are a bit picky about body contact then it’s not your place. But the craic is mighty and so are the offer on food. BBQ during the summer, burgers and chips…. of and the famous Carlingford Oysters that will get your erogenic zones revamped. Full hotel there too for those that want to try a four poster bed. The Strippers in Carlingford suggest this place as the best stripogram venue. Plenty of private stripper friendly space  is available in the castle. So you can have boobs wiggling in your face while sitting on a royal armchair.

PJ O’Hare’s for bar and club combo

Carlingford Strippers love the food here. Apparently it’s the best gastro pub in Louth. And the smoking area is not bad either. Here you can pretend that you are a smoker and chat till the cows come home. Or until the strippers arrive and the barman asks you to move to a quiet corner so that the ladies can throw their thong on the stag face with ease.

Adventure Centre for the active stags

This venue is family friendly, but it has a lot of secret spaces for a good auld stripogram. Make sure that the venue knows well in advance of your plans. It’s ok to have a stripper when the place is full of stag on the quest of the ultimate zip line. Not ok when a school trip is visiting. Use common sense and you shall be rewarded.

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