Strippers : An Honorable profession

How to think like strippers do and enjoy the show

Let’s be clear, strippers are not born with high heels and fishnet tights. Becoming a stripper is not a decision that a young lady takes after a couple of drinks in her local. It is a career choice that becomes a real profession gradually. The common denominator is the love for dancing with a dash of vanity. Oh…and the money. Indeed, you will not find easily a shy stripper that thinks that she is just a normal girls in bikini.

Professional dancers in Ireland don’t have many options. Actually the route that most dancers take is that of dance companies and dancing schools. The wages are not the best and the competition is fierce. No wonder that the night time entertainment attracts a good number of the strippers in Ireland.

Dancing in Ireland has a great following. One can easily see that by looking at the number of Irish dancing schools. On the other hand, big names like the King of Dance end up churning a high amount of their dancers. Contemporary dance has a strong following but the audience is elitist and small. Which means that the shows fill small venues and the pot is even smaller.

Strippers in Ireland are still frowned upon. It’s the nightlife, it’s the nudity, it’s the hustling that comes with the profession that makes things a bit awkward. But let’s look at the reality of the stripping scene in Ireland. There are a good few types of shows that are very close to stripping. And while go-go dancers, bar wenches and promo girls in bikinis tend to become instafamous, the strippers in Ireland get a good bit of undeserved slack.

Table dancers

Table dancers are a usual sight in the bars of Benidorm or Crete. Most of them being students on holidays that supplement their drinking money by balancing on high heels and tank tops. It’s a bit like looking at the girls in the gym but with the shots and the summertime mayhem that such sunny locations offer at affordable prices. While most Irish people have no problem to enjoy such a show, when it comes to strippers the attitude is a bit different. As far as nudity goes, a wet t-shirt with no bra on is much more provocative than a bikini. Needless to say, a good percentage of table dancers will have a go at stripping at some stage.

Pole fitness instructors

Pole dancing is now an Olympic sport. Not only it is a very good way to keep fit, but it’s also a very satisfactory experience for the participants. One way of looking at it is ‘meditation in lingerie’. Most professional strippers in Ireland have taken pole classes at some stage of their stripping career. Nowadays, many modern gyms offer pole dancing classes. As you might have guessed the teachers are strippers that have taken a step back from the stage to teach their tricks to the masses. Irish men might be delighted at the fact that their girlfriends and wives are taking up a sport that might turn up the romantic barometer of their love life. So why the cringe effect when the ladies hear about stag party stripper adventures? Maybe because jealousy gives always bad advice.

Strip Clubs

Here starts the hassle with the whole morality issue. At a few occasions Irish people have objected to strip clubs opening in their areas. When Whispers Entertainment opened the very first strip club, Holy Catholic Ireland showed up to demonstrate against the ‘sleaze in our area’. They arrived by train and left by train in time to catch the evening mass in their home towns. Then there was the famous Stringfellow’s incident in 2006. The famous connoisseur of international beauty picked the North Inner City for it’s signature club with disastrous results. Politicians piggybacked the negative sentiment of the public and  spoon fed hatred against the hard working strippers  of Dublin. The club closed within 3 months from it’s opening. But what really hit the strip clubs in Ireland was not the objection of the folks with pictures of the Mother of God in their hands.

It was, really, the recession. Actually the same recession sent packing the very same politicians that brought austerity measures. The lack of excess spending power, not only left very few pennies for the g-strings of the vixens of Ireland, but also left very few votes for the people in power.

The rise of the freelancers : Stag Party Strippers

With recession giving way to some type of recovery, entertainment and food were the first industries to enjoy the benefits. Without digging deep into why humans end up spending money on booze, kebabs and strippers as soon as their pocket allows them to, we can say for sure that this is exactly what happened in Ireland. In order to get some basic understanding of happened in Ireland after 2016, we just need to remember Julius Caesar’s famous saying : ‘People needs the Colosseum and bread’. In a similar fashion, Irish people needs Strippers and Guinness. The one event that makes all Irish men forget their negative equity mortgage, is a Stag Party. And a stag party needs strippers. The more the better. Strippers in Ireland have repopulated the pubs and clubs, as groups of merry stags put on their silliest clothes and emptied their bank accounts.

While a good few of these performers are advertising their services online independently, most of them will accept bookings from reputable agencies.

The escort strippers

One word. Cheaper. Let’s take off the gloves and tackle this issue once and for all. Are there escort that pretend to be strippers? Yes, there are. Are there strippers that do extras on the side. Yes, of course there are. But how can you figure out which is which? As a rule of thumb, strippers in Ireland don’t do escorting if they are employed by an agency. Agencies are very careful about who they employ. So, chances are that if you are booking your stag party entertainment from , you will get customer and professionalism. On the other hand, you will probably find a ton of x-rated photos on dubious sites that promise services that are illegal in Ireland.

Our advice would be to avoid them like the plague, as stag parties are a messy affair by default. The last thing you need is the lads in blue paying you a visit.

Model Strippers & Topless Waitresses

Modelling is another tough profession. The camera shutter is not always kind. We live in a society that has turned the social image into another invisible god. Instagram and snap-chat have taken over the industry. As a result, being a beautiful being with a size zero body is not enough. Within 10 years, models are finding themselves competing non stop for a spot on the spotlight. Having a good agent and knowing how to engage in a photo shoot used to be the main skills up to ten years ago. Nowadays, self promotion is a must, even if a model is already registered with an agency.

Simply put the hourly rate that a model is paid barely hits minimum wage if you take into account the hours she needs to spend attending events, training, engaging with followers on social media or simply waiting for hours during an audition. Topless Waitresses, or Topless Shot girls, are a special type of performers. While they lack the dancing skills of their pole climbing colleagues, baring, sharing and caring make up for their two left legs. In the antique times, they would be classed as courtesans or high class entertainers. In modern day Ireland strippers with a modelling background tend to speak less than their ancient counterparts… and show more of their assets.

Who is your average Irish stripper?

Traditionally, the ladies that make up the bulk of stripping industry come from different backgrounds. Obviously, you will always find the classic stereotypes. Single moms, students, fitness instructors and yoga teachers. But don’t be surprised if you find out that female strippers in Ireland hold degrees from ballet schools or famous dance studios. Whatever the reason behind their arrival on the dimly lit stages of Dublin, these ladies are as hard working as any bar woman in Temple Bar. It goes without saying that a service is  job and if someone is working all the audience has to do is to show respect. If the clothes are missing then the service with a smile will need to be really appreciated.

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