Strippers Kildare Village and Stag Parties

Strippers Kildare Stags can bet on

Like…Who goes to Kildare for a Stag Party. For many Dubs, including our Strippers Kildare is one of those places that combines a quick drive away from home with green fields and horses. Yes, one of the most fun activities for a Stag in the vicinity of Dublin is going to the races. Kildare Strippers can confirm that any bar in and around Naas or Newbridge will welcome the punters and the stags with open arms. Horses, Beer or Strippers Kildare is the place to party like no tomorrow. On the other hand, if you lose all your pennies on the track, there is a handy bus service. So you can return to the capital broke and hangover. Not a bad price to pay for a good time though.

The Curragh Racecourse & Newbridge Strippers

If your Stag Party is anywhere near Naas, Celbridge or Newbridge, you must visit this attraction. It’s the most important racecourse for thoroughbreds in Ireland. Not only it provides an opportunity to get drunk with your friends, but you get to see some quality horses too. As per Strippers Newbridge is closeby. Just get chatting to the very friendly barman and he will have a number you can call to spice things up. If Lady Luck ends up smiling at you, don’t be stingy with your easy money.

Naas Racecourse & Naas Strippers

This is more of getaway destination for the local lads. Naas Strippers will take you for an exotice journey in the comfort of your own cottage. For the city boys Naas Strippers and mad parties might not go together, but they should prepare themselves for a surprise. Most strippers working in the capital will travel to Kildare. The stripping scene and party crowds are as good as in any other main stag party city.

Punchestown Racecourse

This racecourse is an racing establishment that enjoys a worldwide fame. You will find stags that travel from abroad just to be in this racecourse. Partying is also rampant with Nass being the main party hub. How do you sneak in the Strippers in Punchestown is the question. Well actually you don’t. Our advice would be to make sure that your rented accommodation has an open minded owner. This way you can organise a strippogram as a special delivery for the groom.

Naas Greyhound Stadium

Naas is also home to the usual Greyhound Stadium. You will find one of them in every county and city in Ireland. Stag Parties though don’t come to Kildare for the dogs. Such places are well known for their friendly beer prices. Also the atmosphere is relaxed and be rest assured that you will not meet any famous people here.  If your night is gone to the dogs, then get going with the Strippers plan. Anywhere in Kildare Strippers will be able to cheer you up. All you have to do is behave yourselves and bring some decent banknotes to keep the show going.

Elite Female Strippers Kildare hints

So many stripclubs all over the world have the famous “Crazy horse” name. It is not a coincidence. Kildare has made name throughout history for the best breeding grounds in the world.  And stag parties will use the horse based activities as the main activity during their stag weekend in Kildare. From a logistics point of view, Kildare is easy to access from both Dublin and Belfast. Just to give you an example, for our Strippers Celbridge is a 15 min drive from the outskirts of Dublin.

So if you choose Kildare Strippers Beers and Banter will be at arm’s length.


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