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Strippers Carlingford: Dancers and Castles

You might find Female Strippers Carlingford sipping on fancy cocktails in the even fancier bars of Carlingford. Actually, Carlingford Stag parties are not a cheap affair. Even more,  this prime stag location offers 5 star hotels that were former castles. And some of the best fine dining restaurants in Ireland.  Or stately mansions with drawing rooms and spa treatments. That’s why this destination is more popular with Dublin Classy Hens. So, you are looking for a playground in Ireland’s Ancient East, combining style and finesse?  Obviously, Carlingford is the place to be.

How about sandy beaches and adventure parks ? Yes, but you will get tired of the gentle chit-chats on the promenade. Had enough of the guided tours? Well, we at Elite Entertainment have the perfect solution.

How about a medieval castle hall with Female Strippers Carlingford decorating the antique furniture with their voluptuous bodies ? Of course, we can do that too.

What to expect in one of our stripograms

  • A top of the range selection of international and local professional strippers. We will send you the info and the evidence you need to make your decision.
  • A guaranteed best price for the time of the year. If you book in January the prices will be super friendly, if you book in July you will need to be friendly too.
  • A secure, private and comfortable venue for the strippers and the stags. We will make sure that you have the time of your life, before, during and after the stripogram.
  • Our strippers arrive on time, so should you. You are meeting a naked woman ffs.
  • A fully nude show at the end. Our dancers are professional. With clothes on or with a Brazilian on display, the quality is the same.
  • A kiss on the cheek. Only if you behave yourselves.

Book now, regret later !

Carlingford offers a lot of activities for even the most demanding stag. So don’t forget to bring with you a mobile phone without a charger and a lot of issues that alcohol can resolve. In essence, Carlingford is close, can turn into a heaven for weekend alcoholics, and the strippers in Carlingford come from Dublin and Belfast, so you will get strip club quality without the strip club snobby attitude.

Stag Friendly Venues: Taaffe’s Castle; this is a hen paradise, and a singles hang out. The Pump House, good ales and easy going fun. Female Strippers Carlingford are welcome in both venues.

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