Female Strippers Limerick

Strippers Limerick: Stags with an edge

Female Strippers Limerick have a long story behind them. In the years of the Celtic Tiger, Limerick was filled with stylish strip clubs and nightclubs. Elite Entertainment took it from where the clubs left it. As the strip clubs closed down we kept the best of the Female Strippers Limerick had to offer.  Stag nights in Limerick and all over the coast of west Clare are famous. Three things will surprise you the most; the prices of drink, the friendly locals and the great fun. Also Limerick is famous for lock-ups, and amazing house parties. So if you are thinking of heading to Limerick for a Stag Night out or for just a boys bash in town, you are thinking in the right direction.

Stag Friendly Venues: Dolan’s Bar; one of the oldest rock venues in town. Here you will find good food, three clubs and an amazing line up of live music acts. The Old Quarter: in the centre of everything and popular with the younger crowd. Habitat: massive club, massive DJ’s , strict dress code. And the Stab City hype is pure BS 😉

Female Strippers Limerick

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