Female Strippers Killarney

Strippers Killarney: The naked ring of Kerry

Killarney is the heart of the Ring of Kerry. Or the Ring of Stags. Here you find breathtaking natural landscapes. Stags can walk the forests, chase away the blues in the traditional Irish pubs and enjoy an impromptu Trad Session. Killarney has a long tradition in Irish Music, and in high quality Irish Food. But a Stag Party or Boys Gathering is not complete without exotic dancers that will make blush even a seasoned Irish truck driver. With a long list of Female Strippers Killarney is not as tame as it seems on the outside.  Elite Entertainment is the only company that will take care of Last minute Stripper request. Even in this far far away land of Fairies and Myths, we have the drivers and the female dancers that will drive up to Dingle and Kenmare to spice up a Stag or Birthday Party.

Make sure to give us the exact address though. Kerry is a full of beautiful spots that cater for stag parties, but if your accommodation is hidden in the mountains we need clear directions.

Stag Friendly Venues: K-Town Club, McSorley’s Nightclub, and the occasional open minded B&B

Female strippers Killarney

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