Female Strippers Waterford

Waterford Strippers make Crystal clear decisions

Let the ships sail away. On the shores of this sunny part of Ireland, the grey will always disappear when our strippers arrive at a Stag Party. Waterford Crystal is fave wedding gift. And crystal clear consciences is what we shatter. Simply because our female strippers will perform with amazing skill their skin deep routine. We know that stags choose Waterford for the craic agus ceol. We see your mad stag night and raise two fabulous mountains and baby oil. As we speak our female strippers will jump into one of our fast cars to present their beauty and fearless titillation in your face … with love and care, obviously.

Why Waterford is a top stag destination

During the Celtic Tiger years they called the city the hole in the mint. Sadly, the money that rained everywhere else kinda missed Waterford. But no boom meant no bust. Wateford accommodation is reasonably priced. Actually is a good base for a weekend away as it is close to Tramore and Youghal. The city itself has a run down feeling. But the beer is cheap and you can enjoy tipsy walks around the Marina. So rough and ready with clubs and bars that will take you down the memory lane of the 90s, Waterford has what a Stag night really wants. Cheap beer and Strippers

Birthday parties in Waterford

Elite Entertainment  have the exotic dancers you will call in the time of need. Your needs for stunning strippers  in Waterford will be more than satisfied. A stag party in Waterford will probably include a hike in the Ardmore heights. Also a trip to Tramore will bring you back to your teenage years. Amusement parks and merry-go-rounds will make you feel like a carefree youngster. And then you could organise a tour of the pubs in town. Waterford is also a good destination for Birthday parties and city getaways. And all you have to do to enjoy your stag or 21st Birthday Party is to ring Elite Entertainment.

While the sun sets, and the music pours onto the promenade, the sound of those stilettos means that our female strippers will create the right mood for the rest of the night.We know the Waterford venues well and we will even book that secret spot of sinful duty for you. Our stripping ladies will bare it all for your eyes only.

Our female strippers are already on the M11… just be there


Stag Friendly Venues: The Kazbar, The Revolution Bar, The Reg, The Met Bar.

Female strippers Waterford

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